Very Important News Network

Very Important News

In the mid 2000’s celebrity news was yet to reach its current preposterous and all pervasive level.

Predicting a trend, Sumit Dutta and Matthew Tsoi partnered to launch a new satirical online news service: Very Important News.

This spoof celebrity news site featured utterly bizarre and fictional celebrity news that was ahead of its time and prophesied the later rise of non stop and very trivial celebrity news that we now see every day.

Our Mission Statement:

At VERY IMPORTANT NEWS, we aim to bring you the best and exclusive news stories* in entertainment, sport and real life encounters. Interviews with the stars, interviews with the star’s friends, interviews with anyone and everyone important. We are the VERY IMPORTANT NEWS network, and bringing you very important news is VERY IMPORTANT to our network! *All the stories featured on this website may be wild speculation and may not have ever happened.

Like a shooting star of ridiculous stories, Very Important News (affectionately known as VIN) burned as brightly as it did quickly.

But you can still visit the site here and discover the celebrity stories that were truly Very Important!


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