She Loves Me To Death

Spec script by Sumit Dutta and his writing partner Matthew Tsoi originally conceived in 2009.

The project is a quirky screwball romantic comedy based in both London and New York.


Jay Scott, an American fish out of water arrives on British shores and quickly falls in love with the almost too perfect Rachel. They soon get engaged, but a series of perplexing murders each of them somehow related to the lovely couple threaten to derail the wedding and all fingers point to a very surprising suspect! Scotland Yard’s bumbling Inspector Canly is on the case but will he catch the murderer before the big day?

Sumit and Matt are currently seeking agency representation to initiate the production of “She Loves Me To Death

If you are interested in reading the full script with a view to potentially producing it, drop us a line below and we’ll get in touch.

More about Sumit & Matt

British born Asians Matthew and Sumit have been writing together for a number of years and are also aspiring directors. Having met at university over 10 years ago they have collaborated on many projects and over the years have developed a unique, irreverent and witty voice which was showcased most effectively via their ahead-of-the-times satirical spoof celebrity news site Very Important News.

Interested in learning more? Get in touch:


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