E3 2014 All The Press Conferences: Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, EA & Ubisoft

Every E3 2014 Press Conference In One Place

Last year was a big E3 for all of the big 3 platform holders. We had the final reveals of the PS4 and Xbox One and Nintendo tried to re-emphasise the Wii U’s credentials as a viable system.

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Looking back it was clear Sony was the big winner with a very solid presentation that gave gamers pretty much everything wanted. (When you have gamer press chanting Sony you know you’re doing something right!)

Microsoft on the other hand floundered by showcasing numerous unpopular features that gamers were not on board with. The fact that many of these were then back-tracked since (Kinect unbundled, DRM stripped etc.) only added to the perception that there was a lack of vision at Microsoft. Sony deftly used that momentum to solidify PlayStation 4’s current position as the number one next-gen platform.

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But as exciting as last year’s E3 was, it was apparent that the focus was all about the hardware unveils. The next-gen games revealed were for the most part uninspired. Where were the true show stoppers? The killer apps? The AAA knockouts?

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So that brings us right up to E3 2014. All five have a lot to prove and while it’s still far too early in the platform cycle to predict an overall winner some patterns are emerging.  This is the event that was meant to prove to all the unconverted out there why they would fork out hard-earned cash on the next-gen systems.

Below are the full press conferences from Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo and mega-publishers EA & Ubisoft.

We now know everything about the systems and E3 2014 was meant to be all about the games and about convincing us to upgrade to the next-gen.

So have they convinced you?


Sony E3 2014 Press Conference

Microsoft E3 2014 Media Briefing

Nintendo E3 2014 Digital Event

Ubisoft E3 2014 Press Conference

EA E3 2014 Press Conference


So who “won” E3 2014? Let me know below!

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One response to “E3 2014 All The Press Conferences: Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, EA & Ubisoft

  1. EA is all mouth. They refuse to address all the blunders committed by releasing Tiger Woods 14 fraught with programming issues. They dont even respond anymore to the multitude of complaints on their own forum. Absolutely the worst customer service for a company I’ve ever experienced. TigerWoods14 is the worst game I’ve ever purchased due to all of the programming errors. Where was quality control??? They released it to meet a deadline and fatten their pocketbooks and then left the thousands of consumers that purchased it hanging. As of 06/06/14 the EA Servers for this game are not allowing a large percentage of the global gaming population access. I’ve been trying for over a week to gain access with very little success and lots of freezes, etc. I dont care what they say at their press release about “new” games being developed. They cannot be trusted. They proved that! They have left TW14 gamers to form their own opinions as to what is going on. All conjecture because of their TOTAL & COMPLETE lack of communication or response. I dont know who the winner is…..but as far as I’m concerned, EA is the LOSER!

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