Rise Of The BRICs & MINTs? Global GDP 2012 Vs. 2050

Can the MINT regions compete?

A decade or so ago we started to hear about the rise of the BRIC regions: Brazil, Russia, India and China.

In the years since, although growth has slowed in some of those regions, these four countries are still poised to emerge as future super powers.

Now a new group of regions have been highlighted as the next countries with huge potential. Primarily because of a large, young workforce.

These counties are the MINT regions: Mexico, Indonesia, Nigeria and Turkey.

World Bank & Goldman Sachs has predicted the top 20 countries by Gross Domestic Product (GDP) compared to the 2012 top 20 and the differences are stark.

MINT vs BRIC GDP 2012 to  2050

MINT Region Charts

Source: The Guardian, World Bank 


The BRIC countries are all poised to dominate the top 6 with China in first place overtaking long time leader America. The MINT countries all jump up the rankings especially Nigeria as do other emerging states such as Iran, Pakistan & Philippines.

Tellingly a lot of European nations drop significantly and surprisingly high-tech focused South Korea falls out of the top 20 completely.

I’m unconvinced that all of the so-called MINT countries will grow at anywhere near the same stratospheric rates as the BRICs – especially volatile Nigeria. I’m also unconvinced that all of the BRICs will be able to sustain their growth but certainly it’s more hard proof that the current world order is evolving dramatically.

The world of 2050 and its pecking order will look startlingly different to today’s.

It remains to be seen if that’s a good or bad thing.

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