How To: Set Up Google Plus Authorship In 7 Steps – Build Credibility for You & Your Site

Ever wondered why some Google results have author photos next to them and why do they often get better results?

Wonder no more!

Google Plus

Over the past few months I’ve have been adding authorship to my blog and a few other sites I contribute to. In that time I’ve seen my traffic go up across those sites and more connections on my profiles.

And luckily it’s very easy to set up!

  1. Create a personal Google Plus profile – this HAS to be a personal one not for an event or company page.
  2. Add a professional looking profile photo – no sunglasses, no costumes, no clowning.
  3. On your G+ profile go to the contributors section and add your site – set yourself as a current contributor.
  4. Now go back to your content and add a reciprocal link on every page you are the author of. A footer is an easy way to do this i.e. Your Name is the Marketing Manager for Your Company where your name is linked to your Google plus profile,
  5. The reciprocal link it has to follow this format:• <a href=”[profile_url]?rel=author”>Name</a>
    • Where [profile_url] is your G+ profile.
    • It MUST contain ?rel=author or your G+ profile won’t be connected.
  6. Test the connection here:
  7. Then sit back and watch your face take over Google!

What are the benefits?

Well it helps builds credibility. Notice how journalist from sites like the Guardian, WSJ , Wired, Mashable etc. and so on have their photos up? Well now you can stand alongside big legit sites like them as a verified authority.

Google Plus Authorship Example

Showing up alongside higher ranking sites and authorities can boost your credibility and traffic

Having images in search results grabs attention and can mean better click thru. We are naturally drawn to images – especially on a SERP full of drab text and links. More clicks mean more traffic.

Learn more: How To Verify Your Site On Pinterest in 6 Easy Steps

Plus it includes your Google Plus profile next to your name in the search results – this helps build your own profile and followers. Make sure you link to your sites, blogs and social channels on your profile and build a more powerful online presence.

Make sure you also always +1 your content – it will help you rank quickly and prevent villainous scrapers from outranking you by claiming authorship of the content!

Let me know if you try it out!

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