Android Wear: Google Suits Up For Wearable Tech

I was at a mobility conference a few weeks ago where a speaker was talking about the future of mobile devices.


And I was intrigued to discover that there are 6 key types:

Wearables, Augmentables, Swallowables, Enchantables, Surroundables & Biohackables

Enchantables? What!? Ok that is some serious sci-fi stuff right there! But the first one wearables is already commonplace – mainly in the form of Smart Watches.

We’ve seen smart watches from Sony and Samsung and Apple is rumoured to be working on the iWatch for some time but this week Google unveiled Android Wear – their vision of connected smart wearables. Although they plan to incorporate the tech and new modified Android OS into a variety of products the first format is of course the smart watch.

“OK Google!”

Android Wear Moto X 360

Here is their vision of how it will work:

Pretty cool right?

Unlike some of their rivals Android Wear seems more about notifications and contextual info in the same way that Google Now & Google Glass work where you get instant updates that reflect in an intuitive way what you are doing and where you doing it rather than just replicating phone functions.


I think this is a good way for people who are turned off by Google Glass but want the functionality it offers. There will also be a “A wide range of sensors is available to your applications, from accelerometers to heart rate monitors.” Health and lifestyle apps are a huge business now and Android Wear embraces this in a big way.

And here’s how they say it will work for developers:

The fact that they’re getting developers on board to create Wear-friendly apps will give them a big advantage over similar products like Galaxy Gear or Pebble which have a limited number of apps so far. The Android Wear SDK is launching later this year so expect some very tailored apps.


The first big device is the Motorola MOTO 360. You can check out how it looks it n the photo gallery below. I really like the round design which the other competitors seems to have eschewed. It looks a lot more like an actual watch as opposed to a mini tablet strapped to your wrist!

As well as major consumer electronic brands like Samsung, HTC, Asus, HTC, LG & Motorola and chip makers like Intel, Broadcom and Qualcomm, Google is also working with fashion houses like Fossil which will definitely help the them move beyond the usual tech fan early adopters to a mass mainstream audience.

What do you think? Would you wear a Moto 360 and are you excited about Google’s Android Wear?

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