An Unseen Glimpse At Sierra Leone With Tariq Zaidi

It’s amazing how even though we are so digitally connected these days, much of the world still remains a mystery.

I have recently been introduced to the amazing travel photography of Tariq Zaidi who captures beautiful, striking images of people across the world in some of the most remote countries.

I wanted to share this video below from his 2012 trip to Sierra Leone with the Keys of Change charity which highlights some of his outstanding work:

“Starting in the capital Freetown, Panos Karan (Keys of Change, Founder) played piano recitals in Bonthe, Mattru, Bo and villages in surrounding areas organized locally by the Ballanta Academy of Music. Recitals were played in a children’s hospital, a pr, keys of changeison, an HIV clinic, a school for the blind, a home for the elderly, an amputee group, a teachers college near Grafton, a sex-worker’s support group and in the slum communities of Mabella and Dwarzark in Freetown.

Sierra Leone (Lion Mountain) historically conjures up images of blood diamonds and war. It is still very much on the road to recovery after the civil war from 1991 to 2002 that resulted in tens of thousands of deaths and the displacement of more than 2 million people (a third of the population). It is a beautiful country with a complex history, a love for music and dance and where people are amazingly friendly. “

You can see more of Tariq’s great images here: Tariq Zaidi Photography

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