Top 10: Freemium vs. Paid Apps – Which Is More Popular? [Infographic]

Pricing Models Across The Top 10 App Categories:

According to a new study by Distimo and Statista, Freemium is the most popular style of pricing model when it comes to online mobile apps.

They calculated this by measuring revenue from January 2013 to November 2013 on the Apple App store by app category and pricing model.

[click to expand image below]

Freemium Top Pricing Strategy in Most App Categories chart

It’s clear that the pricing model really depends on the type of app and its intended audience.

With gaming, social media news over 88% are Freemium based. Meanwhile navigation apps have the lowest instance of Freemium and the third highest instanced of fully paid for pricing after productivity and education apps.

One thing that is clear is that paid apps which require further in-app purchases are generally unpopular. Shocker: Customers don’t like getting fleeced!

Something to think about if you’re embarking on an app?

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