What Would Classic Consoles Cost Today? [Infographic]

Every Console Launch Price Adjusted For Inflation

We’re always complaining about how much things cost these days and that is especially true when it comes to video game console launches (I’m looking at you PlayStation 3) but looking back at classic console launch prices when adjusted for inflation it turns out that consoles have usually always been priced at a similar price point of $300 – $400.

Reddit user Auir2blaze illustrates that with the infographic below that shows mow much classic consoles cost then and how much that same system would set you back today when inflation is taken in to account.

I wonder who forked out $935 for an Intellivision, $1095 for a 3DO and a whopping $1125 for a Neo Geo – that was the price of arcade perfect I guess! And well done to Nintendo for fairly consistent low prices.

That $400 for a 2013 next-gen console doesn’t seem so bad now!

[Click to expand image]

What Would Classic Consoles Cost Today? [Infographic]

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