Top 25 Worst Passwords Of 2013

Is your password on the list?


Online security is big news especially with major service hacks and worries about government agencies and private companies snooping on the public.

One simple thing that we can all do is make sure we have a strong password. But apparently it isn’t that simple as it seems a huge amount internet users still use easy to guess, hackable passwords. And with more of lives conducted online this is something that we need to think about.

SplashData has revealed he top 25 worst passwords of 2013. They compiled the data by analysis millions of stolen passwords posted online during 2013 including the big Adobe breach.

Amazingly password is no longer on top! It’s been dethroned by that old favourite 123456!

But don’t worry password is still the second most common one.

Here are the “Worst Passwords of 2013” and how their rank differs from 2012’s list.

Password   / Change from 2012

  1. 123456       Up 1
  2. password    Down 1
  3. 12345678    Unchanged
  4. qwerty        Up 1
  5. abc123       Down 1
  6. 123456789  New
  7. 111111       Up 2
  8. 1234567     Up 5
  9. iloveyou      Up 2
  10. adobe123    New
  11. 123123       Up 5
  12. sunshine     Up 2
  13. 1234567890       New
  14. letmein       Down 7
  15. photoshop   New
  16. 1234           New
  17. monkey      Down 11
  18. shadow       Unchanged
  19. sunshine     Down 5
  20. 12345         New
  21. password1  Up 4
  22. princess      New
  23. azerty         New
  24. trustno1     Down 12
  25. 000000       New

Here are a four tips to creating a strong password:

  • Use passwords with at least 8 characters
  • Mix up numbers letters, case and symbols
  • Use phases rather words even with substituted characters
  • Use different passwords for different accounts

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