Next-Gen Apps: The Route to Mobile Consumer Engagement [eBook]

An introduction to mobile apps and what your brand needs to think about when developing an app

App downloads are predicted to hit 268bn per year by 2018, and smartphone users are now far more likely to use an app than mobile browsers; proving that apps are vital to any successful marketing channel.

The whole world is going mobile – we have plenty of proof of that, but how do you capitalise?

Mobile agency Donky has put together this 17 page eBook that gives a few pointers on what you need to consider when developing an app fro your brand and how you can best serve your customers expectations and requirements. Plus learn how Audi & Starbucks implement their own App.

Key stats:

  • 87% of US consumers spent majority of time on mobile app rather than mobile browser – up 81% over last year
  • 26% of all apps downloaded are opened once and never used again
  • 51.64% of top app downloads are gaming apps followed by productivity apps at 16.25%
  • Of the 29 apps installed on an average device, 10 are used monthly and 8 are paid apps.

Given the right set of tools or engaging content, users are willing to pay

Find out:

  • What brands are and should be doing to deliver rich and engaging content to their app users
  • What kinds of technologies are currently available to businesses developing apps
  • What the future holds for app technology and how businesses can leverage it to increase app engagement and lifespan

View or download the book below

Quick Summary

“According to ABI Research the mobile app industry is worth $27 billion, which proves that the market has reached a level of maturity that demonstrates that not having an app makes a business one of the minority not the majority.

Many businesses are now rushing to create an app to remain in the race, not willing to be the last over the finish line. Executive teams across the globe are pushing their teams to develop apps as fast as possible, often without a clear mobile strategy or plan in place. Unfortunately, this kind of behaviour can easily cause more harm than good with research by Harris Interactive showing that 90% of users had their experience of a brand tarnished by a poorly performing app; 75% described annoyance and 69% frustration. Typically these feelings are driven by slow or difficult to navigate apps, where customers aren’t getting the information they want or expect at an acceptable speed. In a world where broadband, Wi-Fi and even 3G or 4G speeds are consistent and often lightning fast, the user is expecting every interaction they have with their device to occur at the same speed and with the same quality

Apps are becoming more and more of a requirement in consumers’ day to day lives, whether it’s checking sports results, playing games, looking at the weather or socialising; they are becoming reliant on the ever present technology contained in the device in their pockets.

If an app is not capable of meeting this expectation, it is likely to fall behind in the eyes of the user, and if they visit the app again, it will be to uninstall it.

Users’ expectations of business’ online and mobile presences have been very high for a while now, and are forever on the up, alongside the expansion and development of technology. Brands need to focus on how to identify and meet those expectations across all their marketing channels.

Creating solutions that save people time and energy and make interacting with the brand not only useful, but fun!

Gamification like in the Starbucks app is a fantastic way to engage users and keep a brand in the forefront of their minds; and more than that make them fans.

More important however, is the fact that even those who are currently excelling, can be improved upon; there is always more to offer and brands that lead the way must always be looking for the next-gen technology to deliver rich, exciting, engaging and targeted content to their users, through their app.”

Are you developing an App? What has been your experience so far?

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