UK Immigration By Country Over The Past 60 years [infographic]

1951 – 2011 UK Immigration by Country of Birth

This may not necessarily be marketing or media information but it’s pretty interesting nonetheless and it’s always good to know who your audience is in any given region and which demographics are growing and shrinking.

There is always an argument around immigration but I believe smart immigration is a good thing and boosts economies and progress as it did in the UK especially in the 50s – 70s.

And conversely, look at Japan. The country stalled in the 90s. Immigration could have benefited the country and offset its lack of young workforce.

In our globalised world it’s important to understand how varied your customers are and a diverse workforce can help expand your outlook and reach.

The UK has had a long history of immigration and today the Office for National Statistics released a new infographic which charts the top 10 countries where UK immigrants were born over the last 60 years.

Key stats:

  • Non-UK born population has quadrupled between 1951 and 2011
  • Non-UK born population has become more diverse since 1951
  • Numbers of Irish-born residents in England and Wales has decreased
  • Those born in India were the largest group in 2011 at 694,000
  • 10 fold increase in Polish migrants over ten years from 2001-2011

So if you are targeting a UK audience its worth thinking about what other nationalities your message may reach – so tailor accordingly!

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1951 – 2011 UK Immigration by country of birth [infographic]

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