2013 Top 10 Viewed Adverts on YouTube

As we wrap up 2013, we all start looking back at the highlights that have helped shaped the year.

Below you’ll find the top 10 most viewed video adverts on YouTube over the past twelve months:

 Some quick analysis:

On the list are:

  •  3 Car Companies
  • 4 FMCG Food / Home / Living products
  • 1 Insurance company
  • 1 Traditional retailer
  • 1 Tech Company

It’s notable how many of these companies are famous for popular video campaigns Think VW Star Wars, the first Evian baby roller-skates ad, Geico lizards and Pepsi’s way-too-many-too-count-campaigns.

USA: Generally American focused advertising. Is this because it’s the biggest market or because most of YouTube viewers are based there? Or because American advertisers are the most creative?

Superbowl: 3 of these videos are from the Superbowl. And advertisers know this as Fox recently announced that all of its ad inventory for Super Bowl XLVIII is completely sold out – 2 months before the February game! Its one of the most watched shows on TV every year and that means it doesn’t come cheap. The average cost of a 30 second spot at the 2014 game cost $4m with some late bookings going up to $4.5m!

Creativity: As I mentioned earlier with my look at why Gangnam Style become a huge YouTube hit these videos are meticulously designed to catch the attention and go viral.

Memorable imagery, music and humour are key elements throughout the top 10. Also notice how web friendly a lot of them are (80s hero Van Damme doing splits?! Come on that’s what the web was built for!)  They are very aware which audience who can turn a fun quirky clip into a breakout, worldwide sensation.

These are less direct product adverts and more distinct talking points designed to generate buzz and (online) water cooler chatter rather pushing for a hard sell. Advertising is definitely evolving.

What’s your favorite advert of 2013?

1. Evian “Baby & Me” 67.2 Million Views

2. Dove “Real Beauty Sketches” 60.5 Million

3. Volvo Trucks “The Epic Split feat Van Damme” 59.9 Million

4. Microsoft “Child of the ’90s” 50 Million

5. Pepsi MAX “Test Drive” 37.8 Million

6. PooPourri “Girls Don’t Poop” 20.6 Million

7. Kmart “Ship My Pants” 20.1 Million

8. Geico “Hump Day” 19 Million

9. Ram Trucks “Farmer” 16.6 Million

10, Volkswagen “Get Happy” 14.8 Million

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