Free The Creative: Top 3 Hurdles For Digital Creators & 10 Crazy Client Requests

“Make This Ad 15% Funnier”

I had the chance to go to the iStock Free The Creative party this week in London. It was a chance to meet designers, creator and marketers and celebrate digital creativity.

It was a lot of fun and interesting to see the perspective of creative and client briefs from both angles: as a marketer professionally and as a creator casually.

Its frustrating when a design misses the point and equally frustrating when a brief is so ambiguous its rendered useless.

One thing I loved was this infographic they put out listing some of the more bizarre requests designers have to put up with from clients.

For the record I promise I’ve never asked for anything like this. Though “Make a logo out an eagle carrying a vacuum” intrigues me!

Maybe for my next campaign!

Just kidding….




[click to expand image]


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