IQ Talk Podcast: Will Watch Dogs & Drive Club Delays Wreck The PS4 Launch?

IQ Talk Gaming IQ Podcast

In this edition of IQ Talk, Sumit Dutta, Adam Barsby, Arran Oakes and Gerald Clarke from Gaming IQ examine the impact of the high-profile delays of Evolution Studios’ Drive Club and Ubisofts’ Watch Dogs  and ask if QA is treated seriously enough by the industry.


  • Should the first parties have more launch titles ready?
  • Are gamers now more accepting of buggy or glitched games?
  • The growing importance and focus on QA
  • Is crunch an inevitable part of the game production cycle?
  • How badly will the delays impact the next-gen launches?
  • What will be the different approaches to the next-gen ad campaigns?
  • Why free game incentives on PS Plus & Xbox Live are a smart move

That funky music you can hear in the background is from the 1991 Mega Drive classic Toe Jam & Earl!

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