XBOX One: Hands On With The Next Gen

First Impressions Of Microsoft’s XBOX One

So today I had my first hands on with the XBOX One. 

I had a chance to play Turn 10’s Forza 5 on the new system and on a pretty big screen which helped me to scrutinize the visuals.

And what did I think?

Well first of all the controller felt good. It was comfortable, the triggers are well placed with good resistance and it seemed to feel lighter than the X360 controller but with enough heft to be substantial.

The console unit itself was smaller than I was expecting  which is a good thing. It does lack visual impact in person. I think the PS4 may also suffer the same reaction.


I didn’t get to use the main dashboard which was a shame as I’m very curious about it and the new features that are central to it. I didn’t use KInect 2.0 either. (One aside I also saw a fascinating demo of a Kinect sensor scanning people to a 3d printer and creating real-time models)

As for the game, well it played fine. The graphics were good even on a big screen it didn’t disappoint… but that’s about it.

I wasn’t amazed, I wasn’t floored. I wasn’t bowled over.

I really have to question whether demoing a brand new next-generational system with titles like Forza and FIFA is a wise move. They look almost the same, they play the same – where is the innovation?

If Microsoft are going to sell XBOX One off the back of live demo’s like this then I can imagine a lot of punters walking away confused, asking why they need to pay £400+/ $400+ for a system with titles that feel very similar to what we have now.

Can’t I just play Forza Horizons or FIFA 14 on X360?

Sony and Microsoft can’t afford to rest on their laurels. There is just too much competition from the mobile space.

The Wii U has stumbled because Nintendo couldn’t clearly communicate the value of the system. With lackluster demos Microsoft and Sony might suffer a similar fate.

They need to showcase new, visually stunning games, games with new ways to play that weren’t possible on the current gen and games that employ other new features like the social sharing and XBOX One’s Snap function.

With a spate of high-profile delays I have to start asking if the launch line-up  for both platforms is exciting enough?

Thinking back to my first hands on with the SNES, the Nintendo 64, the Dreamcast, the PS3 – they all were wow moments for me.

Ultimately the demo wasn’t bad but it wasn’t enough for me to run to the stores and get in line. And isn’t that the point?

Where is the wow factor?

Where was something like that?

Remember first impressions count.

If you have one chance to convince a customer don’t waste it.

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