Sony Celebrates 18 Years Of PlayStation

This Is For The Players

The other day I shared Sony’s new Greatness Awaits advert for the PS4.

It was pretty cool but today PlayStation UK released something far more special.

This new video celebrates the history of PlayStation from the start from the mid 90s PS1 right up to this years PS4 launch.

Set to London’s evolving skyline it brilliantly captures the details of the eras (take a look at the posters on the wall, the magazines on the floor and the changing fashions) and shows how far PlayStation has come over the last 18 years.

18 years has it really been that long?! A lot has happened over the years. Anyone else think about the Net Yaroze? Or Emotion Engines & Cell processors? How about David Lynch videos and Ken Kutragi’s declaration gamers would get a 2nd job to buy a PS3?

This really brings back great memories. I never owned a PS1 but remember playing to death at sixth form the likes of Tekken 3 and Ridge Racer and even obscure titles like Rival Schools United By Fate. At uni I discovered Metal Gear Solid, Driver, Resident Evil 3 and WWF SmackDown among others. They still rank among my favourite games ever.

Just after leaving uni this former Nintendo die-hard took the plunge and bought a PS2, and then a few years later again with my beloved PS3.

The PS1 transcended gaming much in the same way that the Wii did 10 years later. But instead of opening up gaming to grannies, the PS1 did the opposite and made gaming cool. While Sega and Nintendo were competing for kids with family friendly mascots, Sony turned up with an edgy clubbing cool changed everyone’s perception of gaming and gamers and moved the console out of the bedroom and into the living room.

From there on PlayStation went from strength to strength. The PS2 sold more than any other console in history and got DVD into a lot of homes when it was in infancy. The PS3 had a rocky start but has now caught up with X 360 and boasts in my opinion the best gaming library on current gen systems.

It’s fascinating to see how a company once seen as an outsider trying to muscle its way into games has now but up its own history and legacy over the years with millions of dedicated fans across the globe.

Well done Sony. Aside from confirming that gamers are all nostalgic softies at heart, it’s again interesting that they are selling PS4 solely on the strength of its gaming.

“This Is For The Players”

I’m impressed with Sony’s marketing so far. They understand the people most likely to go out and buy a PS4 on day one and are appealing to them on their own terms. With a history of strong marketing I’m curious to see what else they have up their sleeves as we approach November launch and find out what new memories they’ll forge.

What are your PlayStation memories?

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