Google Analytics Academy – Understanding Digital Marketing Metrics [Part 1]

Watch These Videos And Learn How To Use Google Analytics For Digital Marketing

google analytics

The beautiful thing about digital marketing compared to so many other channels is that nearly everything can be measured in real-time with extraordinary accuracy. This means we can try new ideas and test new things quickly and cheaply.

We make better decisions and get better results through information and actionable knowledge. 

The heart of this is understanding metrics and it’s more than likely that if you’re in online marketing you use Google Analytics.

Google’s Analytics Academy is a great primer for digital meters using analytics on their sites. My colleagues and I have gone through the videos over the past week and have found them quite useful.

Whether you are new to Digital Analytics or just fancy a refresher, if you’re involved in digital marketing these videos are well worth watching.


  • Overview of the digital measurement landscape
  • Building an effective measurement plan
  • Collecting actionable data: Best practices
  • Descriptions of key digital measurement concepts, terminology and analysis techniques
  • Deep-dives into Google Analytics reports with specific examples for evaluating your digital marketing performance

Here I have listed the first 12 videos from the course which you can view below.

View the final 10 videos here

Getting started with digital analytics

Understanding Digital Analytics: 1.1 Course overview

Understanding Digital Analytics: 2.1 The importance of digital analytics

Understanding Digital Analytics: 2.2 Core analysis techniques

Understanding Digital Analytics: 2.3 Conversions and conversion attribution

Understanding Digital Analytics: 2.4 Creating a measurement plan

Understanding and using Google Analytics data

Understanding Digital Analytics: 3.1 How Google Analytics works

Understanding Digital Analytics: 3.2 Key metrics and dimensions defined

Collecting actionable data with Google Analytics

Understanding Digital Analytics: 4.1 Creating an account

Understanding Digital Analytics: 4.2 Understanding your account structure

Understanding Digital Analytics: 4.3 Setting up basic filters

Understanding Digital Analytics: 4.4 Setting up goals and e-commerce

Understanding Digital Analytics: 4.5 Collecting campaign data

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