IQ Talk Podcast: Weak XBOX, Strong Peripherals?

IQ Talk Gaming IQ Podcast

In the first episode of IQ Talk, Sumit Dutta, Arran Oakes and Adam Barsby from Gaming IQ assemble to talk about the latest stories in gaming.


  • Is the PS4 faster than XBOX One and will it matter to third parties?
  • Are the next-gen systems “next-gen” enough?
  • How strong is the appeal of TV services for the next-gen?
  • How does the Japanese PS4 launch date impact Japan’s status in the industry?
  • Are the PS Eye and Kinect doomed to failure now that neither are necessary to play?

Our Soundtrack this episode is Chemical Plant Zone from 1992’s 16 bit classic Sonic 2. Memories of Sonic 2sday!

Recorded Friday 4 October 2013

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