40 Essential Facts, Stats and Charts For The Digital Marketer

40 Things To Consider For Your Next Marketing Campaign

40 Marketing Charts

Eloqua & Oracle have put together a fascinating eBook featuring 40 interesting stats and charts that will help you benchmark your own marketing campaigns as well as useful trends and patterns to consider in your next promotion. Some of the information here is mandatory reading!

The data was sources from “over 10 billion daily transactions in the Eloqua marketing automation platform” and throws up some pretty essential information.

Here are 10 takeaways that stood out to me:  

  1. LinkedIn referral traffic is 16x higher for B2B companies
  2. Weekends have the best email click thought rates despite most email being sent on weekdays
  3. Personalised subject lines yield the best open rates while exclamation marks drive the worst
  4. Dynamic content increases conversion by 50%
  5. Influences can increase traffic by 6% and conversions by 2%
  6. The optimal number of form fields is 7
  7. Automated pre and post webinar reminders can increase attendance by 32%
  8. Q4 is marketing’s busiest time of the year
  9. Email still drives more traffic than social
  10. Pinterest tops social networks as top source of referral traffic

For the other 30 facts presented via some slick visuals check out the full eBook below:

Learn more:

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