Summer 2013: Social Media At The Movies [Infographic]

Movie studios are employing and benefiting from the power of social media. But do more followers mean more box office?

Silverpop have come up with an infographic that charts how summer 2013’s heated box office battle played out across social media.

They tracked the Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter pages for 45 movies over the season and 35 actors and actresses that starred in them and have come up with a some stats including the biggest social splash – Warners did especially well with both Man of Steel and Great Gatsby boasting the most social followers across all three platforms. The stats are somewhat incomplete hover as the biggest film of the year doesn’t feature anywhere as it was released before Memorial Day which is when Silver started their study

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Interesting 10 of the 35 summer studio movies on Google Plus and interestingly not one of the indie films tracked had a Google Plus presence – don’t they care about SEO!! 😉

It also shows which stars are the most active on Twitter – something for studio bosses to consider when casting a social powerhouse like the Rock – who was only beat by the Hulk and Hit Girl!

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Does social activity translate into real box office though? The Smurfs had more Facebook fans than Monsters Uni but didn’t come anywhere close to matching its box office – animated champ Despicable Me however had the highest number of fans so there was a clear correlation there.

And for studios who can’t rely on tracking any more (which seems to be all of them) the rank of social followers vs. the actual box office performance rank was scarily close for 5 of the biggest flops of the year (though I’d argue Pacific Rim isn’t really a flop).

I’m sure we’ll see social activity and online buzz incorporated even deeper into tracking as the years pass and the metrics evolve and if it means money then you know Hollywood will be all over it!

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Summer Movies 2013 Social Media Infographic

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