Marmite’s New Campaign: Love It Or Hate It?

“Love it. Hate it. Just don’t forget it.”


I saw the new print ad campaign for Marmite the other day on the tube and I had to share my thoughts on what is a very ballsy promotion.

The TV campaign (which you can see below) mimics ads for anti-neglect charities with a comically sombre spoof ad urging viewers to “End Marmite Neglect”. 

As you can imagine this has already caused some controversy with complaints about it mocking the serious issues of child and animal abuse. They have a point and it makes me wonder how far is too far? Having said that, while advertisers and marketers need to display some responsibility you could also argue that practically everything can be perceived as offensive to a specific person or individual?

And what’s interesting is that as opposed to shying away from the controversy or apologising, Marmite seems to welcome it!

Hey any publicity is good publicity right?

Of course they’re not the first (or the last) to court controversy when it comes to advertising and indeed Marmite has been running their “Love It Or Hate It” ads for a long time now. It’s always amused and impressed me that Marmite doesn’t shy away from their potentially polarising product but instead embraces its divided appeal. This new ad is also backed by a Facebook campaign inviting fans to support the cause.

Ultimately it’s a funny ad and one that provokes an emotional response. Isn’t that what all good advertising should do? How many other companies could learn from this and become a bit more daring with their advertising?

What also impressed me were their print ads.

Marmite Love It Hate It

This is such a bold campaign and one that speaks to the huge confidence Unilever have in their brand, logo and product design. The jar of Marmite is tucked away and there isn’t a single mention of the name Marmite or any visible logo other than the one on the jar itself.

How many other companies would hide their product in their ads? 

This is a brand that absolutely believes in its own iconography and position. And if they believe in it then it helps consumers believe it too whether they realise it or not.

This campaign? Love It!

BTW In case you were wondering I quite like Marmite… there I said it.

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