The Brand: Yahoo’s New Look – Will It Save Them?

I’ve been using Yahoo Mail since the late nineties. Even though I use Gmail as my main email I still can’t let go of my old Yahoo account – maybe its nostalgia?


One thing that has been consistent about Yahoo is their logo – as far as I can remember they have had the same anarchic looking text with the exclamation mark with only colour refreshes over the years.

Yahoo Logo

The Current Logo

But now following their home page redesign earlier this year, for the first time in 18 years, Yahoo is finally going to do a full rebrand… or at least a logo change.

Taking a leaf out of Google’s book, Yahoo are coming up with multiple versions of their new look and are celebrating the big rebrand by releasing 30 versions of its logo over the next month with a new logo revealed each day until the big reveal on September 4th. The new logo will keep the purple theme the updated site has adopted and the iconic exclamation mark.

You can see the 30 Days Of Change video below (or at any Yahoo! Site over the next few weeks).

And you can see the daily logo updates at

Personal fave so far? Gotta be this one:


It’s a fun idea and gives some insight in to the process of designing new logos and identities. As a fan of fonts and design it’s interesting to see the different variations and to think how they can be used effectively. After all something that looks cool might not actually work in all formats – if it’s too elaborate will it work when shrunk down? How about as an App icon? It’s also a gives you an idea of how many designs a get rejected during the design process.

But I wonder if this is enough… Yahoo has gone through some big changes in recent years with a lot of changes in senior management. As one of the leaders in the web boom of the 90s Yahoo has seen a lot of their rivals swoop in and usurp them.

New CEO Marissa Meyer has a tough challenge ahead and I have to ask if the public (and business world) see the rebrand as the start of a new era or Yahoo or just he same-old same-old? If this is the start of something bigger and wider changes then great. But a logo update by itself although always exciting will not be enough.

Meyer has been talking recently about the need for greater personalisation:

“There’s an opportunity to understand “What do I know already? What are my preferences? And how to present that information, And I think that extends beyond just search but broadly to discovery. We can think about, how do we take the Internet and order it for you? There are all of these news feeds … the question is, really, what order should people read things in, in the morning?”

And also the future of video:

“We really need to have a perfect platform … but this is really about the technology – the technology of serendipity and personalisation … and that’s really where our focus is going to be for the next year, on really building out the technological platform and one that really attracts users,”

And they’ve been putting their money where there mouth is with the purchase of 16 start-ups including of course Tumblr – they also own Flickr which is one of the most established social networks out there.

If there is a way to tie all of their offerings together it might help turn the tide against Google & Facebook. Right now the benefit to having a Google account is clear – access all of your key services including YouTube, Drive, Docs, Chrome, Plus with one just one login and its all integrated. It works.

Now Yahoo needs to do the same – it needs to explain how its whole eco-system ties together and why you should use Yahoo together with its other services. Tumblr is hugely popular and Yahoo still has a powerful web presence including its successful news page so there is a lot of opportunity. I hope the rebrand is the start of new ideas and a better overall vision for the company as a whole.

30 Days of Logos might seem like a bit much but it’s already generated a lot of buzz and positive attention and that can only be a good thing for a company that is often perceived as a 90s brand.

Like I say, I have a nostalgic attachment to Yahoo so let’s hope the rebrand heralds in a new era of progress. I’ll be rooting for them.

So what do you think of the Yahoo rebrand? Let me know below!

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