Top 10 Highest Paid Hollywood Actors 2013

How much did the top stars get paid this year?

Robert Downey Jr Is Iron Mann

A few weeks ago I posted a piece on the Top 50 Richest Film Directors.

Now with great timing Forbes has revealed the top 10 highest paid actors in Hollywood.

What’s clear from the list is the importance of franchises – 5 of the top 10 are major franchise players. It’s those repeat blockbusters that earn actors the big bucks. Also in the case of Washington, Cruise,  Sandler, and DiCaprio, its clear that once you make it to the A-list you can secure top paydays even with films that aren’t franchises (i.e. Washington’s Flight) or under performers (Sandler’s That’s My Boy).

Looking at the list it’s astonishing to see Robert Downey Jr’s total comeback. He made an estimated $75 million between June 2012 and June 2013 – who would have thought that 10 years ago? Well that’s what happens when you top line two billion dollar grossers back to back! And now that he’s signed up for both Avengers 2  & 3 he will probably pop up again at the top of the list in 2015 and 2018! Marvel is renowned for being cheap but they understand the value of RDJ as Tony Stark – as he said so memorably “I Am Iron Man”. Disney & Marvel know that all too well!

Channing Tatum is second thanks to a killer 2012 where he had 3 big hits each of which grossed over $100m domestic – even more impressive considering none were sequels and two were R-Rated. It was his role as producer on Magic Mike that saw him make much of his $60m – and apparently a sequel is in the works so he’ll be doing ok for some time to come.

Fellow Marvel hero Hugh Jackman is number 3 thanks to his bumper pay days on The Wolverine and Les Miserables. You have to feel bad for Dougray Scott – if Mission Impossible 2 hadn’t over run that could have been him in number 3! Like RDJ, the Wolverine role had defined Jackman and its good to see that he still feels passion for the charter and seemingly doesn’t just do it for the (admittedly huge) pay. Also like RDJ, Jackman has played his signature character multiple times (RDJ 5 times, Jackman 6) times with one more to come in next summer’s X-Men: Days Of Future Past. And by being so inseparable from their signature roles these guys are now indispensable to the studios making those movies! That’s franchise power!

Also as an old school WWE fan (have I just lost all credibility!?) it’s pretty remarkable to see The Rock at number 5 – that’s higher than veterans stars like Tom Cruise and Denzel Washington! Again it’s down to The Rock’s roles in a number of franchises over the past few years: Journey, Fast & Furious, GI Joe… no wonder they call him franchise viagra!

Finally Liam Neeson makes the number 10 spot – amazing to think that he is now a bankable action star at the age of 60+. Funny how things turn out eh? I do wonder if the same would happen to an actress of a similar age. It would appear rising credibility is inversely proportional to the number of leading roles when it comes to actresses…

Anyway here are the top 10 highest paid actors – who do you think will top the list next year?

1. Robert Downey Jr $75 million

2. Channing Tatum $60 million

3. Hugh Jackman $55 million

4. Mark Wahlberg $52 million

5. The Rock $46 million

6. Leonardo DiCaprio £39 million

7. Adam Sandler $37 million

8. Tom Cruise $35 million

9. Denzel Washington $33 million

10. Liam Neeson $32 million

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