4K & Beyond – The Resolution Revolution [Infographic]

We’ve just got used to HD but even that’s now old hat!

Electronics companies and content providers studios alike are now trying to push 4K resolution on an unwitting public. Will it take off? Especially when you know someone somewhere is itching to release 8K in a few years?

I’m not so sure. It takes a specific set up to enjoy 4K and the initial high cost and need to upgrade to a full 4K eco system is a steep barrier to entry. Remember how 3D TV was the next big thing a few years back but is now been quietly downplayed by electronics companies (now the big TV feature is Smart functionality), games developers (the Nintendo 3DS now focuses more on gameplay and connectivity) and broadcasters (both BBC and EPSN are dropping 3D channels).

And to many the jump from 1080P / full HD to 4K isn’t even that pronounced on regular sized screens. The jump from VHS to DVD was huge and easy for anyone to see but the HD Blu Ray format isn’t anywhere near as successful as DVD and I can imagine 4K will be even more niche – or at least until it ever becomes a major international broadcast standard.

Still we need to keep pushing or otherwise nothing would ever change and eventually improve.

This cool infographic from Fusion-Io shows how far we’ve come over the years and the major shifts in viewing resolutions. Higher frame rates might be the next big thing despite the tepid response to The Hobbit in 48 FPS.

I’m just trying to figure out how much storage space / bandwidth would be needed for a 8K movie!! 

4K & Beyond  – The Resolution

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