Top 50 Richest Film Directors

How Much Are The Top Movie Directors Worth?

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I always wanted to be a film director. In fact I still do. It’s my dream job. The perfect mix of art and science, business and creativity.

And let’s be honest the pay isn’t bad either right?

In fact the pay is pretty huge depending on your filmography. I always wondered how much some of the top directors made and now Celebrity Net Worth have guestimated the net worth of top 50 richest movie directors.

The difference at the top is pretty stark with best pals Lucas and Spielberg the only directors who are members of the Billionaire Boys Club. But don’t feel too sorry for the rest! They’re still doing ok!

James Cameron is pretty close with a net worth of $700m. Those Avatar sequels will surely move him into the Billionaire bracket. Also people love to knock Tyler Perry but the man is a consistent hit maker and has the money to prove it.

It’s interesting to see how this list evolves as a new generation of younger filmmakers come and start building their own mega-franchises. But I have to say it’s a quite disheartening that there are no women on the list and so few minorities – but trust me that’s a topic for another day.

I get the feeling some of the numbers might be a little out of date. I’m sure Burton, Raimi, Nolan, Syhamalan and a few others are doing better than the list claims but this is still pretty revealing as a general guide.

Now where did I put that application to film school?!

2 responses to “Top 50 Richest Film Directors

  1. Good list you have here.
    Actually, I really admire some of the directors mention in this list. Only a few directors I’ve known, because of they’re great films in the past which totally fascinated me. Steven Spielberg’s Jurassic Park is one the terrific film which I could give as an example. I admire their passion, giving viewers more than just something good to watch.
    Well, I could say they deserve the numbers they got. As what I’ve found in this article on this, George Lucas being on the top 1 because of the money he got after selling his own production company to Disney.

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