E3 2013: PS4 Vs XBOX One [Infographic]

Next Gen Battle: XBOX One Vs. PS4

So now the dust has settled on one of the most anticipated and competitive E3s in years. General consensus was that Sony “won” but only just because they announced no first party DRM  for PS4 (though even that is a little fuzzy and looks like third parties will be able to impose their own restrictions). It was pretty depressing that this was thing that got the biggest cheer from the crowd at any of the presentations!

I posted this infographic a few weeks ago after the first reveals. Now that we now a lot more about the next gen Microsoft and Sony systems lets look at how they compare.

CVG have put together this handy breakdown which compares the launch line ups, the way DRM works, the release dates and the all-important prices for both – take a look below!

So which one will you buy if any?

PS4 vs Xbox One Infographic

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