E3 2013: And Here We Go!

The Countdown To E3 Begins!

E3 2013

 So here we are, just a few days removed from what will be one of the most important E3 events ever. 

We are in a unique position where each of the three platform holders have already revealed their next-gen system to the world and in Nintendo’s case actually released it.

Now is the time for every one to put up or shut up. 

Everyone has something to prove and each of them knows it. This this is the last stop before the bloodbath that’s coming this holiday season when all three systems will go head to head and that means there is no room for complacency. We’ve seen some of what each system is capable of and there is no doubt that each of them has incredible potential. But this year’s E3 is all about the games as it should be. Each of the big three have been hit with controversy and negativity:

Nintendo – The Wii U has stalled in terms of sales and new titles. But as we’ve leant time and time again, never count big N out. We’ve seen this before when commentators wrote off the DS and 3DS and just look what happened. A games industry without Nintendo would be a sad joyless place. Nintendo have a lot to do but with the right mix of games the Wii U can still prevail. They just need the games.

Microsoft – We’ve now seen the XBOX One. And we’ve all seen the rabid scepticism. If the PS3 mantra was It Only Does Everything then right now the general perception that the XBOX One “Only does TV”.

This of course isn’t true but it’s up to Microsoft to prove it. And much like Nintendo it’s now all about the games. Big AAA core games. We know they are working on 15 exclusive titles for the launch which is pretty amazing but how many of them will be system sellers? We’ll find out soon along with final details on the price, release date and hopefully some more clarity on how online and DRM will affect gamers. There is a lot of hate out there but people forget that this will still be the Call of Duty & Halo machine. That plus a solid line up of new IP including Repsawn’s exclusive Titanfall will convert most critics. Let’s just hope there’s not too much focus on lifestyle apps this time?

Sony – And so we come to the mysterious PS4. Sony so far has managed to avoid much of the scathing criticism that Microsoft has faced. Primarily because we just don’t know much about the system. Microsoft is getting a lot of flack for their online requirements but the truth is we know very little of what Sony is planning. I am sure they will be monitoring the situation with Microsoft pretty closely and trying to avoid their own PR nightmare. We also want to know what Sony has up its sleeves when it comes to first party games. The titles revealed at the February 2013 launch were promising but none of them truly dazzled. Sony this is your time to wow us. The good thing is they already had their big disaster 7 years ago with the PS3 launch. Sony has learnt a lot and has lost much of the hubris that made them such a fanboy target. I have a hunch the PS4 launch is going to be extremely smooth.

We’re finally going to get to see what the first parties have been working on – most of them notably absent from the past year or so. We’ll also learn the truth about the next-gen DRM and how the systems are going to tackle piracy and second-hand sales. And we’re finally going to see what the third-party developers and publishers are working on and just as interestingly which platforms they are going to align themselves with.

This may the last generation of physical consoles. And if so this could be the last TRULY GREAT E3. People have been saying the expo has been going downhill for years but I love E3.

I love the anticipation, the buzz, the gamesmanship, the round the clock coverage, the shocks, the highs, the lows, the memes and just the fact that this amazing industry gets to celebrate its own success, culture and future in the loudest and most OTT way possible.

If this is the last big E3 then let’s hope they go all out.

Let’s hope the big three bring it.

Let’s hope developers wow us with totally new ways to play and new technology.

Let’s hope there are big surprises.

Let’s hope that the future for the industry is as bright as it can be.

E3 2013 starts Monday 10th June and I can not wait!

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