Google Report: AdWords & Search Influences Movie Box Office

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It’s not often that the worlds of SEO / PPC and movies collide, but this week Google released a very interesting report “Quantifying Movie Magic with Google Search” on the role of Search and Ads on Movie marketing.

Authors Reggie Panaligan and Andrea Chen from Google Media & Entertainment claim marketers should work more with search and ad words to capture consumers looking for last-minute info on what movies to watch.

“On average, moviegoers consult 13 sources before they make a decision about what movie to see. This active research and engagement is reflected in search query volume as well. “

“Although the number of titles released declined 9% in 2012 vs. 2011, movie searches on Google are up 56% in this same period”


  • The decision to see a movie is a very highly considered research process. Searches in the movie category on Google are up 56% from 2011 to 2012, signaling an increase in digital engagement and appetite for more information.
  • Search provides a unique opportunity for film marketers to extend engagement with potential moviegoers. By understanding how and what they are searching for, we uncover unique insight into moviegoer awareness and intent.
  • Query volume and paid click volume – in conjunction with other movie-related variables (e.g. theatre counts) – can predict a film’s opening weekend performance with 92% accuracy and subsequent weekend performance with 90% accuracy.
  • Trailer-related search trends four weeks out from a movie release provide strong predictive power for opening weekend box office revenue. Trailer search volume on Google coupled with both the franchise status of the movie and seasonality can predict opening weekend box office revenue with 94% accuracy.
  • Since 48% of moviegoers decide what film to watch the day they purchase their ticket, it’s important to have a continued search presence through opening weekend and beyond.
  • If a new film garners 20,000 more paid clicks than a similar film, that film is likely to bring in up to $7.5M more in opening weekend receipts.

Read the full white paper below (click on the window button to expand):

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