Social Media: Calls To Action Work [Infographic]

So it turns out Calls To Action Do Work even in Social Media

HubSpot’s Dan Zarrella did some research into bog posts, Tweet and Facebook posts to see if calls to action really had an impact on engagement.

The infographic below shows that YES THEY DO!

As Dan says in his intro marketers try to adopt a softer approach to social media when it comes to calls to action. I guess this because social is meant to be more of a conversation or discussion than a hard sell. But there no reason not too include a call to action as long as its organic and adds some value to the reader, follower, fan etc.

Here is a quick breakdown of Dan’s findings:

  • BLOGS: Examining 50,000 blog posts for the words comment link and share
  • TWITTER: Examining millions of tweets for the words please retweet, please rt, as well as please help spread, and visit
  • FACEBOOK: Examining all posts on the top 10,000 Facebook pages for the words comment like share

In every case calls to action saw a corresponding increase in engagement – and that means more business, more conversions and of course more revenue.

Do you use calls to actions in your social media activities? Let me know below!

Social Media: Calls To Action Work

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