Next Gen Console Battle PS4 vs XBOX One [Infographic]

How does PlayStation 4 compare to XBOX One?

We are just 14 days away from E3 where Microsoft and Sony will finally go head to head with their new next generation systems, the PlayStation 4 and the XBOX One. E3 will play host to the big final public splash before the two systems go on sale later this year.

A new infographic by Ralph Cifra summarises and compares the key tech specs across the two systems, including disc formats, RAM type, CPU specs, inputs and other key gameplay features.

As you can see we know a lot more about the XBOX than the PS4 at this point. A lot of the PS is still shrouded in secrecy including of course the box. But any last questions should be answered in two weeks time. This has been by far the longest console cycle ever. The XBOX 360 was released 8 years ago in 2005 and the Wii and PS3 followed the next year. But in those 8 years a lot gas happened. Competition now exists in so many forms.

Lets hope both Sony and Microsoft (and indeed Nintendo) come out with all guns blazing.

Are you ready for the next gen? Which system will you buy? Let me know below!

XBOX One vs PS4

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