Man Of Steel – Fate Of The World Trailer

This Man of Steel is a Man of Action!

Superman Man Of Steel

Warners released what will most likely be the last trailer for Man of Steel today. And this one means business! The first  teasers were quite arty with an almost Terrence Malick vibe and then the last full trailer was high drama and sweeping visuals. But this one is all about BIG EPIC ACTION!

Michael Shannon’s General Zod has a big presence threatening the earth with annihilation. Looks like we are finally going to see a Superman villain worthy of standing up to the Last Son of Krypton.

I was wondering how action heavy the movie would be seeing as the first trailers had a more sombre and serious tone but its clear that they were just waiting till the effects were ready to show us just how big the action and set pieces in this film are going to be.  In Snyder & Nolan We Trust!

Jor El Man Of Steel Russell Crowe

Man of Steel hits theaters June 14

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