The PS4 Revealed (Well Sort Of)

The First Look At Sony’s Next Gen PlayStation

The Video Games industry is all about one-upmanship. If a company can get one over their rivals then they will. Hammering home the point, today Sony attempted to steal a little of Microsoft’s next gen XBOX One reveal by posting the first look at the PlayStation 4 system.

Well kinda.

As you can see it’s an intentionally blurry video inter-cut with abstract close-ups of the hardware.

Like I said it’s all about one-upmanship! Though this hasn’t stopped some enterprising fans to come up with their own ideas.

We’ll see the final design at E3 in June but until then this is probably the best look were gonna get. Hey, now at least no one complain about Sony not showing off their system! Right?!

So what do you think? Let me know below!

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