Pacific Rim – Final Trailer

Robots vs Monsters in Pacific Rim Trailer

Pacific Rim

The other Giant Robots movie, Pacific Rim, is out soon and to get us hyped up in what seems to be another big, big week for trailer is the full trailer. This is director Guillermo del Toro’s big shot at a summer tent pole.

I mentioned before how I’m not entirely sold on the concept or the previews I’ve seen so far. Although it’s great to see GdT get a mega budget for a big original sci-fi action film I’m just not excited. I really hope this isn’t just a series of bouts with big f’ng robots and Japanese style monsters. The character beats we’ve seen in the trailers so far seem pretty thin and it’s hard to care when its the fate of the world vs. a more identifiable and empathic individuals or group.

Somehow there is a real Power Rangers quality to the action. Where the cityscapes look out of proportion with the Kaiju (monsters) and the Geigers (mechs) and all of the action seems to take place at night which is another back mark.

I also hate the title. How utterly generic! However if the sequel is called Pacific Rims all is forgiven…

It sounds like I have nothing good to day but I would love for this film to prove me wrong. Fingers crossed

Warner Bros and Legendary Pictures’ Pacific Rim stars Charlie Hunnam, Idris Elba, Rinko Kikuchi and hits theatres July 12.

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