Content Ads vs. Banner Ads: Which Gets More Engagement? [Infographic]

Do Content based native ads work better than banner ads? According to a new study 52% of consumers engage more with content ads rather than banners.

IPG Media and Sharethrough conducted the study using eye tracking and survey questions to find out whether consumers responded better to content based “native” ads that appear in content feeds or more traditional banner ads.

Among the highlights:

  • 25% more consumers viewed in-content ads compared to banner ads (just 20%)
  • Content ads registered 9% higher brand affinity
  • They also saw an 18% higher “intent to purchase” compared to banner ads
  • 32% of consumer said they would share a native ad with friends or family compares to just 19% for banner ads
  • 52% said they personally identified with the adviser brand compared to just 34% for banner ads
  • Amazingly 26% said they looked at content ads more than the actually content themselves (24%)

Check out the full results in the infographic below.

I wouldn’t give up banner ads altogether – despite an increasing number of savvy consumers are finding ways to block them. Instead a strategy that combines both content and banner ads would seem to be the best option.

What works better for your campaigns? Content Ads or Banner Ads? Let me know!

Content Ads Vs Banner Ads

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