Arrested Development – Season 4 Trailer

In just over two weeks, Arrested Development aka one of the best TV shows of all time will be making its (hopefully) triumphant return via Netflix!

To celebrate, Netflix have released the first trailer for the new season with a few call backs to past jokes and familiar faces.

As if a new season of Arrested Development wasn’t exciting enough, the way it’s being presented is also cutting edge.

All 16 (sixteen!) episodes will be available to be streamed all at one via Netflix. This is the second series Netflix has produced itself following the $100m David Fincher produced House Of Cards and will no doubt help Netflix position itself as a powerhouse content producer as well as content reseller. Presenting your own content via your own distribution channel is the dream for any content provider.

Arrested Development Season 4
What’s also interesting is the type of shows Netflix is going for. These shows are smarter than the average and although it may mean fewer new subscribers than if they picked up something more mainstream it will only help cultivate Netflix’s image of intelligent content. I expect we will see a lot more of this in the next few years as streaming becomes more and more widespread and more content producers cut out the middle man or choose online distribution to get their programming  out there.

Are you looking forward to seeing the Bluths back? Or have they made a huge mistake!? Let me know!

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