The Brand: 21st Century Fox

Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp is spinning off its publishing division this June which will see the media and entertainment arm rebranded to 21st Century Fox. Today they unveiled the new logo and ident.

The publishing arm which includes HarperCollins, The Sun, The Wall Street Journal and the New York Post will retain the News Corp. name and was rocked by a number of high-profile scandals especially in the UK; this is a good move to stop any potential contagion extending to its media and entertainment division which wasn’t involved with those scandals.

The media and entertainment arm will be the umbrella for their movie and television divisions which will maintain their current 20th Century Fox names.

21st Century Fox Logo

This seems a little confusing to me. Why not go with Fox Entertainment Studios or some kind of offshoot of that? 

If one brand is 21st Century and another is 20th Century doesn’t that make the other brand redundant? As the 20th Century brand has run for so long and has huge brand equity why would they not just use that title?

I understand they want to appear contemporary but this seems to dishonour their own history and means they have to rebrand again in 87 years!

21st Century Fox Logo

Here is what chairman Rupert Murdoch said in an email to employees:

“Dear Colleagues:

A few weeks ago I shared with you the new name for our independent media and Entertainment Company: 21st Century Fox. Today I am proud to unveil our new logo, which serves as a powerful symbol of the inspiration and high bar set by our company. Like our name, the logo reflects the rich creative heritage of Twentieth Century Fox and signals the promise of the 21st century and our restless drive toward the future.

Ultimately, our new logo celebrates the powerful commitment of you and your colleagues to the excellence and innovation that will propel 21st Century Fox forward.”

Here’s the new ident:

As you can see it carries over the flashlights motif but in a more stylised vector graphic style. The good thing about the simple and stark iconography is that it’ll allow them to use it easily in a variety of forms – print, video and interactive.

It seems a little too basic compared to the beautiful sweeping CG logo that accompanies films and the TV products. Also the font doesn’t seem to carry over the same one used in the FOX TV products and stations. This just seems like a real missed opportunity to remodel themselves in a bold new way.

What do you think of the new ident and logo? Is it really 21st Century? Let me know!

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