LinkedIn Celebrates 10 Years By Looking Forward

Earlier this year LinkedIn celebrated hitting the big 200 million member mark which they celebrated with the infographic below. Now they have another reason to celebrate, the worlds leading business social network is 10 years old!

To highlight this milestone, LinkedIn has released a new video asking some of their members what their hopes are for the future. They are also asking user to share their inspirations with the hash tag #LinkedIn10

Here’s what they have on their anniversary site:

Looking forward.

Imagine What We Can Do.

For LinkedIn’s 10th anniversary, rather than look backwards, we asked some of our members what they aspire to accomplish in the future. Their answers reminded us how much power this community of 225 million has to change the world.

Amazingly they have amassed an extra 25 million members since January 2013. Though as All Things D points out this is just the number of total sign ups not the number of active users:

 The industry standard is now monthly active users. Facebook has 1.01 billion. Twitter has 200 million. Google+ has 135 million. LinkedIn has … less than 200 million.

Still I’m pretty sure this won’t spoil LinkedIn’s party!

Do you use LinkedIn? Has it helped you in your career? Or better yet, has it ever inspired you? Let me know!

LinkedIn 200 Million Members

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