Are you A Modern Marketer? [Infographic]

One thing I truly believe is that Marketing is a game of two sides. There is a technical side and a creative side. And that means there are often two types of marketer.

The Technical Marketer is the one who loves analytics and data and metrics and conversion rates and optimisation and the Creative Marketer is the one who really understands branding and visuals and sticky content creation and engaging on social media and perfecting messaging.

But the Best Marketer is a Creative AND Technical Marketer!

To emphasise the point Pardot have come up with a cool infographic that highlights some of the skills the Modern Marketer needs. According to them the Modern Marketer is Part Scientist and Part Artist.

I totally agree with that!

Among the scientific skills needed are Performance Tracking, Operations, Analytics and Campaign Performance. The Artist needs to understand Written Content, Visual Assets, Social Media and Email Marketing.

Modern Marketer Infographic

Do you consider yourself a Modern Marketer? Which side delivers better results? The technical or the creative? Or are they both intermixed? Which side do you enjoy the most? Let me know!

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