Grand Theft Auto 5 | Franklin, Trevor & Michael Character Trailer

Grand Theft Auto 5 Box Art

Now this is how you do a trailer! Rockstar has revealed its most detailed look yet at this year’s no-doubt-blockbuster Grand Theft Auto 5. Just as the game features 3 playable characters with intersecting storylines, the trailer is also split into three mini trailers. Each with its own distinct flavour and soundtrack.

You can see all three below:

My personal favourite is the one for Michael, the ex-con who made it big but is still depressed. This trailer manages to combine the usual badass mayhem and a wry sense of humour .The kiss-off line at the end is pretty great.

The trailer for Franklin evokes Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas with its south central LA gangsta vibe while the Trevor one looks like Rockstar’s response to everyone who thought GTA 4 was too serious with a wild anarchic vibe and a lead character that might be crazier than the rest of the game combined!

In any case with its humour, open world action,  enhanced graphic engine and the huge level of hype only Rockstar seems able to generate, GTA 5 looks likely to once again be one of the biggest if not the biggest entertainment release of the year when its hits PlayStation 3 and XBOX 360 on September 17 2013. I can not wait!

Are you looking forward to Grand Theft Auto V? Which character are you most interested in playing? Let me know below!

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