Fast & Furious 6 – Final Trailer

Here is the final trailer for Justin Lin’s Fast & Furious 6 before it releases in May. This time the gang from Fast 5 is bringing the mayhem to London and Germany.

The evolution of this franchise is fascinating in itself. How this creative team managed to grab a fading series that seemed to be destined for the DTV bargain bin and transform it into a summer tent pole mainstay that is actually getting bigger with each instalment is mind boggling. This is the 6th installment after all!

Who would have thought all those years ago when the first film premiered in 2001 that it we’d see a further five more films. And they’re not stopping here.

Fast and Furious 6

Next year in a very, very tight turn around, Universal is launching Fast 7 with Saw director James Wan at the helm. This is a franchise with no signs of slowing down (yes compulsory driving pun – I know I know).

Universal are in desperate need for a steady stream of reliable franchises and after the failure of Battleship and the only modest success of Snow White and the Huntsman all eye will be on the Fast franchise to bolster their bottom line. DreamWorks will also be tracking this carefully. Their Need For Speed video game adaptation hits next year and is looking to hit up the exact same demo.

Though somehow I have a feeling Universal won’t be too worried.

Are you looking forward to Fast 6? Let me know below.

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