How Google Glass Works [Infographic]

Contrary to popular belief Google Glass does not run on magic. I know it’s hard to believe, but it is in fact the work of talented designers and engineers. The result is one extraordinary piece of tech.

Last week Google started shipping Google Glass to select developers across the world. By now you’ve probably seen some of the cool videos below about how Google’s potentially game changing tech is bringing a sophisticated, hands free, augmented reality vision of super connected mobile web – but how does it actually work!?

Basically it consists of a small projector which projects images directly over the retina allowing the user to see pin sharp information and visuals via the Google Glass UI as a visual layer hovering in mid air.

Its voice controlled but not with a regular mic / speaker combo. Now that’s way too 20th century. Google Glass instead uses a “Bone Conduction Transducer” that picks up vibrations and send sound from Google Glass to the ear though the users bones. Yes you read that right.

The infographic below from Brille kaufen, gives a visual explanation of how the display works.

Are you excited for Google Glass? Do you think it will cause more harm than good or does it represent mankind being one step closer to the Star Trek ideal of omnipresent information and communication? Let me know below!

How Google Glass Works

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