14 Twitter Marketing Mistakes – How Not To Tweet

How is it that with all the resources at their disposal some big companies just don’t understand how to use Twitter effectively? Worse still, how is it that even some digital marketers don’t know how to use Twitter!?

In this infographic from BootCampDigital, sweetly titled “How to Suck at Twitter” find out 14 helpful tips on what you shouldn’t be doing on Twitter.

I want to add one comment to one of the tips: DON’T TWEET AT 4 IN THE MORNING WHEN NO ONE IS AWAKE

More to the point, don’t tweet people in YOUR region at 4 in the morning – its always 4 in the morning somewhere on our wonderful planet so if you are going to tweet 24 hours a day make sure they targeted at people who are awake and active during these times! After all social is global!

Also kudos to American Red Cross for quickly picking up on their tweet and taking steps to rectify it in a fun and smart way.

If you do make a mistake – don’t avoid it and let it escalate – instead act quick and you’ll more often than not earn more respect from your customers. Which can lead to more success and reasons to celebrate by #gettingslizzerd 😉

Are there any tips missing from the list? What’s you number one tip for what not do on Twitter? Let me know below.

14 Twitter Marketing Mistakes - How Not To Tweet

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