3D Printing: The Revolution Is Here

3D printing

3D printing is going to change everything. That is what they are telling us. But what is 3D printing? And why is so revolutionary?

The concept of 3D printing is simple (well kind of!). In the same way that conventional printers print layers of colour to build up images and text on to paper or other materials, a 3D printer (or additive printer) uses sequential layering to produce all kinds of objects and one day even spare body parts.

Think about that for a second.

What’s more the tech required is dropping in price drastically and the entry point is becoming more and more attainable. One day we might all have 3D printers in our homes creating almost anything.

Need some more proof? Infamous P2P site The Pirate Bay have opened a dedicated section for “Physibles” – files which can be downloaded and used with 3D printers.

The infographic from NeoMam below provides a good breakdown of 3D printing, what it’s capable of and when we might expect it to transform from the next big thing to that essential everyday tech we can’t live without.

Are you excited for 3D printing?

How do you think this will affect current production and distribution? How do you market a product that can be built and designed at home in thousands of configurations? Let me know below.

3d printing revolution

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