Franchise Power: Which Movie Studio Owns Which Blockbuster RIghts [Infographic]

We are living in the era of big money movie franchises.

Every one of the major studios is owned by a bigger corporation that runs completely separate business units. So to ensure movie profitably every studio is on the look out for profitable franchises that can run and run. Franchises that can not only succeed at the global box office (emphasis on GLOBAL) but also generate millions or better yet billions in ancillary revenue streams – remember George Lucas become a billionaire primarily through Star Wars merchandise. And if you can link up with other arms of the business than even better. Synergy is the name of the game here folks. 

But which studio owns the most franchises and which of them are the biggest? 

This guide from Empire highlights the key franchises owned by the majors and mini major Lionsgate.

As you can see not all franchises are created equally. Sure it might be nice to own more than your rivals but when your rivals own a Marvel or a Transformers then yeah it ain’t so easy.

I’m impressed that Lionsgate even though owning a relatively small number of franchises has maximised nearly every one of them to be consistently strong – conversely its frustrating to see Fox manage so many properties but only see success with a few. This Infographic doesn’t list the huge number of failed Fox franchises over the years.

Still you gotta admire them for trying… 

As is evident by their huge global box office each year it’s Disney and Warners who really play the franchise game well. And it’s no coincidence that these two giants outright own content providers such as DC and Pixar as opposed to just licensing IP from content owners.

It’s this kind of long term strategy that seems to really pay off.

Which Studio Owns Which Blockbuster RIghts

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