Marvel Studios: Comic-Con 2012 Panel

Ants, Guardians, Elves, Winter Soldiers and a Mandarin

Marvel Feige Shane Black Cheadle Downey Favreau

So here’s the 2012 Marvel Studios Comic- Con panel straight from Hall H split out into 4 videos.

So what did Kevin Feige and co reveal?

How about the full titles (and villains) for Thor 2 and Captain America 2.

Confirmation that Edgar Wright’s long in the works Ant-Man will be coming out soon.

Even more incredible confirmation that the completely nuts Guardians of the Galaxy will come out in 2014.

And finally some footage from a little indie movie called Iron Man 3 intro’d by some guy called Robert Downey Jr..

Apparently he’s kind of a big deal?


Check out the 2013 Marvel Studios Comic-Con panel here

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