E3 2012 Review: Sony

 I think the Sony show was actually pretty good now that I think about it – what an amazing stage!

Again like Ubisoft they brought new games so well done! Again like MS they didn’t HAVE to show off PS4 so its ok.

They had some great new games. I didn’t think they could top 2011 where they had a new sequel for practically all of their big franchises – like 10 of them!

But still look at the line up for the PS3’s supposedly final big year:

God Of War: Ascension – ok so I’m not that excited like I was for GOW 3 but there has never been an average GOW game so it should still be excellent.

The Last Of Us will of course be excellent! Naughty Dog can do no wrong! I think Uncharted 4 will be a PS4 launch title.

And Beyond! (IGN will be happy – their PS3 podcast is called Beyond) Yes does look good though very similar to Heavy Rain just more action-y. HR was amazing so I expect big things. As we reach the limits of current gen graphics making games more emotional seems to be the big next step (see also new Rainbow 6 and Far Cry). Though would have liked to see something sci-fi based on the Kara video. And Ellen Page – its funny cos the girl from the Last of Us looks so much like her as well. Maybe she has shares in Sony studios!

As a side note, GOW:A and Last Of Us look VERY violent – in fact games seem to be getting far too violent in general recently! Its just shock value – how far can it keep going? How far is too far?  How much more violent can it get? Watch the GOW:A trailer below – one scene has Kratos cutting an elephant beast’s head open so his brains fall out – it’s too much!

Also on the scale of the game: I was watching Peter Molyneux on Bonus Round with Geoff Keighley and they were all saying how GOW:A was a bit of a let down not cos its bad but cos GOW3 was so OTT with the titans how do you top it? Molyneux was saying after GOW 3 you wanna be tearing apart universes it’s a fair point!

Metal Gear Rising Revengeance – great name yes! But doesn’t feel like MGS at all (also the graphics are kind of fugly)!

So The Last Guardian! What happened?! It’s strange how this generation has seen so many excellent first party western  Sony games with multiple sequels yet the only TWO Japanese 1st party games have had stupidly long dev times.

Gran Turismo 5 was 6 years in the making and massively disappointed when it came out. TLG will probably end up scrapped or rushed at the end and turn out deeply average. Nintendo made TWO huge and great Zelda games in the same time its been in development and I doubt it will be nearly as good as them. How is it that they have lost so much ground?

Its no wonder I think of Sony as a western games company now. All their current success is not cos of Japan. Talking of absent titles, whatever happened to Rockstar’s PS3 exclusive Agent? Cancelled methinks…

Vita seems overlooked already – just PS1 games? Wonderbook is ok but the presentation went on for WAY too long and seems like a lot of fuss to read story books to kids – you need so many things a PS3, the book, a PS eye, the TV I wonder if its not easier to just read a book or iPad!

To sum up new Naughty Dog, Santa Monica and Quantic Dream games all coming out within 12 months! I can’t complain about that!

Not a completely exciting show but games wise the PlayStation 3 will go out on a high!

My Verdict 4/5

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