E3 2012 Review: Nintendo

What a TOTAL disaster. Wii U is DOA right now unless they reveal some big secrets ASAP.

The crux of the presentation is this “we don’t know what we are doing, we don’t know who this thing is aimed at and we have no new games” 

They didn’t announce a date or price. Which means it is likely to be quite pricey. Don’t they realise this is the last year they have before PS4  / X720 are revealed? They had no other option than to BLOW everyone away this year. And they blew it!

A souped up PS3 with a touchscreen that is still practically tethered to a TV. Who is this meant to appeal to?

The games? Mass Effect 3 and Batman AC are their 2 big “core” titles – except they will have both been out for over a year by the time they hit Wii U. Again by the time it comes out the other systems will have true next gen games in development that look like Samaritan and again the big titles wont make it to Wii U.

So where were the big 1st party titles? We are all bored of Mario & Zelda now but at least no one can deny they are AAA franchises. Why didn’t they save Skyward Sword for WiiU? They literally had nothing interesting or new. Nintendo Land is Home with touchscreen. Pikmin looked just like Gamecube version!

The Ubisoft games are identical to the Wii launch! Rabbids! Your Shape!

ZombiU – people are saying looks ok but the last time Ubisoft showed off a cool potentially cutting edge Wii launch titles we got Red Steel!

None of the games have a compelling reason to use a touchpad! It just looked very awkward looking at both screens. Most of the game just seems to use it for inventory and map screens. Also Batman AA somehow looked worse than the PS3 version…

I cant believe they think Nintendo Land will be the big killer app. With Wii Sports straight way you got it – to play tennis you wave the Wii mote – it’s so intuitive what a great way to demo the tech but this feels like iOS games on your TV. At least SmartGlass is just an extra but their whole system is based on this touchscreen! When X720 comes out with SmartGlass & Kinect 2.0 as standard that works with any phone or tablet then Wii U will lose a lot of its USP. The Hulu & Netflix reveals are nothing new – most new smart TVs have that built in.

The worst (and sadly funniest) features was poor Iwata in the pre-E3 show showing off how you can browse on the pad with a curtain on the TV so you cant see the picture and then you can pull back the curtain to reveal what you are doing  – that is a feature? I like Iwata a lot he is clearly a talented and dedicated figure but they should have though this through more carefully considering the audience.

Look here’s the problem. They are talking up Mass Effect 3 and Batman AA – ok fair enough they are good if old games but what’s jarring is where’s the announcement for Bioshock Infinite? Borderlands 2? Crysis 3? Watch Dogs? Black Ops 2? Medal Of Honour? Resident Evil 6? Tomb Raider? Splinter Cell? GTA 4?

These are all PS3 / X360 titles out very soon so why are they not ALL on Wii U? What they should have been doing is announcing every one of these games AND THEN explain why they will be best on Wii U! Did you notice Ricitello was there last year to say EA was gonna be big on Wii U and this year nothing! No Activision – no Take Two!

I tell you what is odd that Platinum P100 game looks quite good AND a good demo for the Wii U pad – why didn’t they show it off?

Its frustrating as Nintendo are truly the heart and soul of gaming! Without them we would just have muscly space marines, bald headed gangsters and lots of swearing and blood! I noticed so many games have lots of unnecessary swearing now. Even in the Beyond trailer Ellen Page drops the F-Bomb threating someone – proof games are still very immature!

I think Wii U might have a niche and if they pull off some good killer apps. Tech wise the games will get better looking and I think PS4 / X720 will not be as big a jump as PS3 over PS2 so it might still compete. They just need lots of 3rd party games, no shovelware and some 1st party gems!

At this point I’m not even disappointed or frustrated with Nintendo – I just have sympathy for them cos it appears they have no clue what they are doing. And don’t get me wrong, I’m no Nintendo hater – I once queued in line for 3 hours to meet Shigeru Miyamoto for less than 5 seconds – and it was well worth it to meet one of my heroes.

But it boils down to this – Nintendo were given a huge gift as Microsoft & Sony didn’t announce new tech. They had all the opportunity and no competition and they blew it.

My Verdict 1/5

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