E3 2012 Review: Ubisoft

Hold on – a games company… at E3… showing off games WOW!

All the big titles look good. Though I don’t know if I can bare watching Ubisoft boss Yves Guillemot talking again – some people are not suited to public speaking at such big events despite being otherwise eminently talented and qualified. Ubi’s show was good tho the hosting was a bit awkward – Aisha Tyler was good but the backstage guy was just odd!

To think they used to have Joel McHale presenting their shows!

Assassins Creed 3 – looks good – though I still think the previous settings are nicer visually.

Watch Dogs – it looks good BUT not THAT good for next gen. Compare it to the Unreal 4 Samaritan demo. The more I saw of Watch Dogs the LESS I thought it was that good – it really is just GTA but with better lighting effects and facial animation.

It’s good but look at the Square Luminous engine demo – THAT looks truly next gen!

If it is truly next gen then I can’t see Wii U coping with it. At this point I am convinced Watch Dogs will be a PS3 / X360 title with a pimped out version for launch on next gen. The user base on current gen is too big to ignore!

Think of all those monies!

My Verdict 3/5

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