E3 2012 Review: Microsoft

I shouldn’t be surprised, Microsoft haven’t had an exciting E3 since the first Natal reveal – now that was exciting!

But every year since  they just talk about lifestyle apps / search / video etc for Xbox and then trot out a gameplay demo for Call of Duty. And the same this year!

But to spend so much time on the Nike+ stuff – this is a case of know your audience – its mainly tech and hardcore games press – by all means do the app stuff but don’t spend so much time when the audience is here to hear about new games! That stuff can be saved for a more mainstream show like CES.

But some interesting stuff popped up (non games wise of course). The sports stuff actually looks really clever. They should do that here with the Premiership (if they had the money!).

Smart Glass is cool and may even steal some of the Wii U‘s thunder if they do some more integrated game stuff not just video / app “second screen” stuff- if only they opened it up to Android! (hmm just read it is on Android too! This could be big!)

Third parties: Tomb Raider looks really good. Resident Evil 6 was a bit underwhelming even the developers seemed a bit bored!

Usher! Very cool BUT again a case of know your audience – this will be lost on most 30-something geeks. Even when they had the Beatles a few years ago it didn’t go over that well! They should have announced this at the VMAs or something! Though as always Dance Central looks awesome!

Still they have new Gears, new Halo and new Forza which are the big three (the Fable Kinect game has taken some of the shine of that franchise).

In that sense they have new big titles for their hardcore.

They don’t need to announce X720 just yet I guess and we all know its imminent. So I guess they delivered what they had to and nothing else. Still pretty uninspiring.

My Verdict 2/5

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